Nutrition Coaching for Golfers

Healthy nutrition is about building a mindset and awareness of knowing your weight goals/ body composition goals, energy demands, and balancing those with nutritional options that fit your schedule and nutritional needs as well as desires, ultimately developing and maintaining behaviors that are in alignment with your best self.

This is not another restricted diet or specific discipline approach of “eat this “but, “not that.”

Our approach is based on assessment of the nutritional patterns an individual currently has and we compare those to the health and wellness goals of the individual. Bridging the gap is a behavioral change that is not impossible, frustrating, or irritating.

What we consider through our nutritional coaching:

  1. Physiological Indicators:

    • Blood Work, Immunity, Lab Tests, Digestive Function
  2. Body Composition and Measurements:

    • Height, Weight, Body Girth, Lean Mass, and Body Fat.
  3. Other Health Needs:

    • Food Allergies, Medications, other Health problems, and health care providers currently working with
  4. Functional and Physical Capability:

    • Mobility, Daily Life Tasks, and Athletic Performance
  5. Psychological State and Mindset:

    • Readiness for Change, Problem Solving, and Resilience.
  6. Environment and Lifestyle:

    • Social support, Work Hours and Demands and Travel
  7. Goal and Desired Outcome:

    • Specific Goal Weight or Body Composition Change, Decreased Medication Usage, Improved Performance Measures, and Improved Relationship With Food.


Step 1: Complete the following questionnaire and email to

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Step 2. Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your nutrition goals.

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$199/ month

Description: One 45 -minute coaching session/ week

And two 15 -minute coaching sessions/ week.

With 24 -hour email response time.